From Ranking 30 To Number 1 In The Class!

Congratulations Pravinesh for the outstanding performance!


You have made tremendous improvement since we first met you!

Pravinesh is one of the students receiving personal coaching from our Tutor Team.

His mother, Madam Logeswary was worried with her son’s result in the final exam and seek our help for Pravinesh to improve, especially in BM & Mathemathics.

According to our tutor, Pravinesh’s main problem is his attitude & mindset..

He always pinned that Bahasa Melayu is the most difficult subject for him, and reluctant to do practices for this subject and Mathematics too.

However, after almost 1 year coaching by our tutor, he managed to correct his mindset and improved his attitude towards both subjects. He started showing gradually, improvement in result and ranking!

He really surprised his mom and us with his great achievement.

Before this, he ranked 2nd from the bottom 2 (ranking 30/31) , but wowww… in 2017, he leaped to the 1st ranking in class and got the Excellence Award from the Principal

He only managed to score grade C in Maths in 2016, but now he secured a grade B! Wowww….

His BM also improved a lot with his score of 90% for Paper 1 – Pemahaman and 75% for Paper 2 – Penulisan.

Bravo Pravinesh. We are very proud of you.
Keep it up dear!

We hope you are happy with the award. Please continue with your utmost and consistent effort for another glorious achievement .

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