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My name is Wan nurshairah,can call me miss ira. I have been graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia by taking Major Mathematics. I am focusing on tips on answering mathematics paper and i have been 2 years experience teaching secondary for PT3 and SPM. About the testimonial, I am not making students smart but I am here because I want to change student mindset about the difficulties of math and basically at the end of my session, students will react happily based on their reaction voice since i am doing online.

So here the flow everytime I do my class:

1) do revision on one past year paper ( basically this is the first class only and will identify which chapter that students must to improve)

2) 30 mins will do discussion together without pressure for 1 chapter. Actually I make preparation by gathering past year question specifically chapter by chapter .

3)10 mins games or quizzes

4)20 mins discussion for the quizzes or games that students fail to answer.

Some other benefits, to enhance the understanding, myself will provide an animation explanation by Powtoon so students will study again and again.




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