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To teach every student holistically.

I commit to making my students successful.

As my student, not only will you get a good grasp of the school syllabus or the subject-matter taught, you will excel equally in lateral, creative and critical thinking skills.  The ability to think ‘out- of-the-box’ is essential for your continuous success.

When teaching my students, I employ tried-and-tested strategies for solving problems. These strategies are easy to learn and they form an important part of my teaching methods.

My primary objective is to make sure my students fully understand the lessons I teach them. And, that is why I do not encourage rote learning.

It is more important for my students to learn their lessons by understanding how knowledge is applied through experiments.

This method of learning gives my students an edge because they can apply the knowledge gained through practical scenarios confidently when they answer examination questions.

My passion for teaching and the commitment I give to my students help motivate and make learning an enjoyable activity for them.

I teach using Bahasa Melayu and English so that my students get exposure in both these languages. However, the choice of being taught using either both the languages or one preferred language is for the student to make.

Lessons Format
The first session will cover a written and/or oral test to find out the student’s understanding of the subject. There will also be a short interview with the student where the student can provide feedback on the areas that he or she thinks may require special attention.

Once the student’s level of competence has been determined, I will tailor make the student’s lesson plans based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Each session includes discussion and explanation of the subject-matter or topic to be covered in that session. This will be followed by exercises to test whether the student has understood his or her lesson. Any difficulty encountered by the student during the exercise will be addressed promptly.

At the end of each module, there will be a discussion on previous years’ questions to improve the student’s comprehension. Questions from SPM, O-Level, IGCSE, EDEXCEL, Cambridge Check Point Year 6 & 9, PT3 examinations are discussed thoroughly.

For students sitting the SPM examination, I also expose them to the international format of answering questions like the IGCSE and the EDEXCEL.

To ensure that the lessons taught are easily understood and retained by the students, the use of audio-visual aids in the form of power-point presentation which incorporate mind-maps and charts are used extensively.

Where it is necessary, certain tools like mnemonic techniques will be used to aid memorisation and recalling. These tools, however, will be used sparingly, that is, in cases of absolute necessity. This is to discourage rote learning.





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