NAME: M.Paveetraa Magalingam
ADDRESS: No.41 Taman Bukit Kempas,
Jalan Satu Bukit Kempas,
81200 Johor Bahru
Johor Darul Takzim

POSITION: Head of English Academics
Objective: To commence my teaching career at a well-liked and well-reputed center/ institute/high school and to accomplish good progress in my career through all my best subject knowledge and great teaching efforts.

Academic Education:
 Completed B.Ed TESL in UNISEL Bestari Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan, the first State University
Brief Summary about Myself:
 Passion about the teaching field with a great teaching aptitude.
 Excellent ability to reach to the target student’s knowledge grasping level and implement appropriate teaching methods and techniques.
 Thorough knowledge of the subject to be taught and its background.
 Great fluency in spoken English and command over comprehension.
 Knowledge of utilizing all the modern teaching aids appropriately and effectively
 Proficiency in handling computer aided tools.
 Uncommon ability to create quick interests among the students about the subject.
 Knowledge of common student’s psychology and high concern regarding the problems they face in the learning process.
 Follows high standard of personal and work ethics.
 Highly gifted research and teaching aptitude.
 Consistent and good standing academic performances.
 Crystal clear understanding of the underlying principles of the subject and its relevancy to other domains.
 In-depth knowledge of various techniques and approaches in teaching.
 Perfect knowledge about the common job duties of a teacher and ability to perform them efficiently.
 A little familiarity with the general administrative environment at educational institutes and idea about their practices.
 Highly innovative in depicting the subject matter to the students/audience, using traditional methods as well as modern aids.
 Mastery in English communication and comprehension.

Extra Curricular:
 Took part in choral speaking competition
 Took part in English language activities
 Organized English week activities
 Took part in elocution
 Done training as an English teacher in SKKJ Klang, Selangor
 English camp
 Recourse room project

Interests and Hobbies:
 Travelling
 Reading the ancient literature
 Listening to music of all genres
 Interested in literature
 Singing
 Dancing
 In teaching (ESP) English for Specific Purposes
 Learning languages
 Writing short stories and poems

Employment History:
 Erican ( Dec 2011)
 ELS 2011 ( Feb 2011)
 Active educational (17 September 2012- 21 April 2014)


2007 - 2011





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