Norashikin Binti Mohd Zainol


Teacher Iqin - Maths & Account & Quranic Tutor

Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, USJ, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya

I’m Asheequin Zainol @ Teacher Iqin. Tutor for subject of Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Accounting Principles and also teaching Quranic.

I have a Degree in Accountancy from Management & Science University, Shah Alam.

Has 7 years of experience as a tutor.

My hope is to help students better understand the fun of learning, while also helping them in their studies.

Next, I hope they can use that knowledge to succeed in the future.

I believe every student is born as GENIUS. All they need is the right and proper help.

Thank you.


  • Add Maths
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Al-Quran
  • Matematik
  • Mathematics
  • Mengaji
  • Online Teaching
  • Quranic
  • Seminar
  • Virtual Classroom


2015 - 2017

Degree in Accountancy (Hons) at Management & Science University

2005 - 2008

Diploma in Accounting at Management & Science University



Part Time Tutor at Mumtaz Education


Part Time Tutor at Cari

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