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My name is Nor Azira Hanis binti Halim and I’m from Kedah. I live in Ayer Hitam Kedah. I have just graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA with a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering. I am excellent at math and also at coding, which is C++ or #C. I may have no experience of becoming a tutor at any tuition or school, but I used to be a mentor during my degree and taught Electronics and Computer Engineering (ECM) to a failed student in a seminar. I always love and enjoy my time when I teaching my mentee and classmates. I am passionate about teaching. I would love to share my knowledge with other people. Moreover, I really love the math subject and find it easy to master. So I will be happy to share and motivate others to see how easy math is like the way I see it. Thank you!!


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