Nithyashree D.N.Manohar


Mrs.Nidya-Home Tutor


I am a full time home tutor. I started tutoring while I was still an undergraduate in 2003. I finished my degree in Biomedicene(Hons) and worked in a pharmacology firm for two years then moved on to a laboratory in a private hospital. Meanwhile I was tutoring all the time as a part-timer after my full time work hours. It were long days but I enjoy teaching so much that I never stop.

After that, I stopped working due to my back problems. I was bedridden for almost s year. After which I started teaching at a tuition centre, three language centres and worked as a teacher in an international school. All the while I still did home tuition. All these years have given me an experience in tutoring for about 19 years.

I can teach Mathematics, English,Phonics,Chemistry,Physics, Science, Bahasa Malaysia, Add Maths,Sejarah, and Biology to all level of students ranging from preschool to university level.


  • Add Maths
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Asas Sains Komputer
  • Home Tuition
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