Cheah Lee Mun




After I retired from 30 years of working in the accounting profession, I provided voluntary tuition at a secondary school near my house in Penang which I received good support from the school. Now my voluntary tuition is available only online and is open to any needy students who are taking SPM exams.

In addition to providing voluntary tuition, I also provide private tuition with charges. My students find learning from me enabling them to attain higher confidence in their studies. Some have even progressed faster and completed the syllabus earlier than scheduled.

As I am retired, teaching tuition is keeping myself active and doing what I enjoy. I do not take in many students. Therefore I can afford to care for my students more holistically. The mother of a Taiwanese ex-UEC student (who took only bookkeeping tuition with me) thanked me for having helped her daughter to also improve in accounting and other subjects.



BSc (Econs) major in Accountancy at University College, Cardiff, UK



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