Muhammad Faizol bin Affandi

Assalamualaikum WBT. I am just ordinary person but in my biggest hope that I can share with my future students on how to learn, not with what to learn. In this area, many people are missing it.

Honestly, I only got A- in Biology but, I can be able to get silver medal in Pertandingan Inovasi dan Rekacipta Institut Pengajian Tinggi in Biology area. I create a new polymer that is natural-friendly.

I am also expert in Mathematics and Additional Mathematics especially in Calculus and Algebra. In Maths, I have tons of techniques that I can share with you guys.

In my education, I got 5As in UPSR, 10As in PT3 and 4A+, 3A and 2A- in SPM. My biggest strength is Mathematics as I never got myself less than A-.

Plus, if you guys want an advice for future, such as university, soft skills, time management and personal problems, it will be my great pleasure.

In my life, I have become Junior Teacher for Nadi Kasih Programme in SBP east coast zone in 2017. I am also had become Junior teacher in Program Kecemerlangan SPM 2017.


  • Add Maths
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Biologi
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Fizik
  • Matematik
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • sains
  • Science
  • Online Tuition, Soft skills
  • Updated 5 months ago

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