Muhamad Hafiz Hussin



Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Master of Science (Data Science, Universiti Malaya)
Bachelor Degree (Actuarial Science, Purdue University)

A professional, caring, and organized Teacher with 4 years experience of teaching multiple standard /grades raging from UPSR, SPM and Degree level in Mathematics. My dedication is to provide students with appropriate learning activities and adventures designed to fulfill their potential for emotional, intellectual, social, and physical growth. Ability to be a team player, resolve problems and conflicts professionally. I was a full-time Mathematics and Science Teacher at a private school, SRI Aman Machang for a year before furthering my Master’s Degree.

Untuk mengaji berpengalaman dalam mengajar quranic home based dalam Iqra dan Al Quran dan sekarang tengah mengajar mengaji dan iqra di Surau Desa Aman 2. Pelajar-pelajar seramai 5-6 orang satu sesi pelbagai level dari Iqra 1 hingga Al Quran. Pelajar merupakan anak-anak staf polis di Perumahan Polis Desa Aman 2, Kg Kerinchi KL.

Tutoring Approach
My approach varies depending on the student’s needs and learning style.  I start from topics the students are comfortable with and move gradually towards more complex areas as their confidence builds. I use questions and examples to check understanding continually. I also give a lot of emphasis to some of the less obvious but vital skills such as logical thought, and the effective use of numbers and graphs.


  • Additional Mathematics
  • Al-Quran
  • Asas Sains Komputer
  • Calculus
  • Home Tuition, Online Tuition, Quranic Home Based, School Tuition
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