Francis Murphy


Mathematics teacher


I am a fully qualified maths teacher with over 20 years experience of  teaching students of age 9 to 16. I have worked in some international schools where I have taught many Malaysian students.

My philosophy for education is that every child should enjoy success and happiness. A successful child is a happy child and a happy child is a successful child. I see my role of teacher as very much a parental figure. The interests of the children I teach are very much my priority. I am there to guide them in the right direction and to help them

celebrate their success. Success comes from being set targets, targets that are both realistic and aspirational. Setting targets helps the child gain ownership of their learning and aids in putting a perspective on any results they receive. A child who scores 50% on a test can have just as much right to celebrate as a child who scores 100%.    Fun is very big part of education and if a child is having fun in school, they will be more willing and able to learn.

The following email I received from a former student at the end of 2018/2019 academic year sums up my philosophy.

Thank you so much for teaching me this incredible year with you. I have always been weak in maths, but when you came, you helped me a lot!

I can’t even explain how much I miss you! Even though you just came this year, it’s like you’ve been here forever. I am really going to miss all the funny and best times we had in class.

You were always there to see if I was upset or feeling down. And you would always come and lift my spirits up, with that warm welcoming smile!

Whenever it was time for maths, I would jump up in joy knowing that it’s time to meet my favourite math teacher. Even if you gave us a test, you would always say that ‘the score doesn’t matter, what matters is that you tried your best’.

And I truly know that no other math teacher could ever replace such an amazing, kind, caring teacher like you!

If I knew that you were leaving, I would have come to school everyday just to see you.

I remember that whenever we were going to leave your classroom, you would always say ‘Cheerio’ and ‘Miss you already’.

I should have said Cheerio for the last time when I had the chance.

I’m so sorry Mr. Murphy if I have ever been such a sad girl, but I just wanted to tell you that no one can ever replace you!


Cheerio, Miss you already!



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