Atikah Binti Musa


Teacher Atika - Tutor Maths

Klang, Shah Alam, Subang, Damansara, Sg Besi,


  • Diploma in Electronic and Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Hons)


  •  Home tutor teacher  ( 2018 – present)
  1.  Home tutor for Mathematic Form 1-3 (2018)
  2. Home tutor for Additional Mathematic Form 4- 5 ( 2018 -2019)
  3.  Home tutor for IGCSE Maths Year 7- 9 (2019-2020)
  4.  Home tutor for IGCSE Bahasa Melayu Year 7-9 (2019-2020)
  5.  Home tutor for Math Standard 1- 6 (2020)
  • Tuition Teacher in Pusat Tuisyen Sinar Ilmuan
  1.  Teacher for Mathematic Form 4-5  (2018)

Student Achievement

  1. Mathematics & Additional Mathematics
    Able to understand basic concept and objective of Maths for every subtopic
    Able to show step by step solution
    Able to teach other student to find out the solution for the question
    Able to memorize the formula by using the step given
    Able to change grade from D
  2. Bahasa Melayu
    Able to understand the basic concept of ” Pemahaman & Penulisan”
    Able to do Karangan by using the right format
    Able to do create the own ” pendahuluan, isi dan kesimpulan”
    Able to change grade from Fail to B


  • Additional Mathematics
  • Bahasa Melayu
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Home Tuition
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