Akmal Bin Haron

Hi my name is Akmal Bin Haron. Currently I’m a third year medical student in Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin. In the meantime, I also work as part-time tutor for a few home tuition agency. I had my first experience in tutoring 1 year ago. I was volunteering for a community service program teaching poor student from asrama asnaf. Recently I had two student. I teach them Biology and everything going very well.

I love to teach my students by applying those concept of knowledge into our life. For me, knowledge is best to be learned that way. The students can think more and inquire more. I like to assess my student by directly asking them question about past topics. A student who truly understand should be able to teach me all the knowledges in their own words. That’s my take.

I’m a friendly person. Especially to those who are younger than me. I always try my best to make my student understand what am I teaching about. I would never let my students leave my class without learning new things.

Here is my resume;



  • Biologi
  • Biology
  • Matematik
  • Mathematics
  • sains
  • Science
  • Online Tuition
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