“It Has Been A Long Time Since I Can Learn To Recite Al-Quran.”

“I’m feeling very sad when i’m looking at other people in television who can recite Quran beatifully…”

This inspirational story of someone who wants to learn on how to read Quran, Pn Mariam who has been so long looking for a ustazah to teach her Quran.

Pn Mariam was looking for ustaz or ustazah for a long time, and her son also helped her to find ustazah to teach her mother to recite Quran.

At one time, when her son wants to go to work, he suddenly found about CMN Quranic Home Based’s service.

After that, CMN Management has talked and choose  Ustazah Suhazlinda to teach Pn Mariam.

Since that Pn Mariam has been learn Quran with ustazah since 2012!

Until now which is 2019, Puan Mariam can read the Quran fluently and learn about Tajweed.

Puan Mariam said she was very satisfied with the CMN service by providing ustazah that suits her.

He also said that ustazah was very patient and taught him slowly that Pn Mariam could read well.

Pn Mariam also gives us good feedback and encourages people to learn Quran with ustazah or ustaz at home because it is easy to communicate and be able to deal with teachers and easy to ask if they do not understand and also at flexible time.

The communication between ustazah and Puan Mariam is very good and also Pn Mariam’s son was happy to give her what she wanted which is to learn recite Quran personally.

We are very inspired with Pn Mariam’s  story and honour her for being loyal and using the service of CMN Academy for more than 7 years.

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This is her story…


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