Free Online Tuition for Malaysian Students


We at CMN Academy are always working to provide the best for our clients.

We already launched the ‘CMN Tuisyen Online’ or Online Tuition. We want to offer FREE Free Online Tuition trial classes for parents and students in Malaysia who are interested.

Advantages of ‘CMN Online Tuition’

✍ LOCATION FREE. Can be done anywhere.

✍ FOCUSED learning, teaching focuses more on one or a small group. Your child can ask anything to their online tutor.

✍ SAVE Time, Energy & Money. You do not have to send your child to the class or centre.

✍ FLEXIBLE time.

✍ Learn and have fun while learning

✍ You can monitor your child’s learning progress

✍ Cheaper than Home Tuition

✍ All TUTOR teaching is ‘Certified Tutor’, which we choose through ‘background’ and through interviews. TRAINING is also given to improve their teaching skills.

✍ You only need a laptop or desktop and a stable wifi.

>> For selected clients only, we will give you a FREE Online Tuition session!! <<

SMS / Whatsapp ‘ONLINE TUITION_Subjek_Tahap_Kawasan’ to 011-3274 2922

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    • cmn academy
      cmn academy says:

      Kindly SMS / Whatsapp ‘ONLINE TUITION_Subjek_Tahap_Kawasan’ to 011-3274 2922. Thank you very much mrs Nur Alya :D


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