Kenapa Anda Pilih Kerjaya Sebagai Pendidik?

Biasa bila kita ditanya
“Kenapa pilih kerjaya sebagai pendidik?”
“Kenapa nak jadi tutor atau guru?”
“Kenapa nak buka bisnes tuisyen atau bisnes pendidikan lain?”

Klise jawapan… “Nak bantu pelajar, nak bantu ibu bapa, nak bantu ummah, nak ubah pelajar jadi lebih berjaya”

Biasa anda berfikir…
Bagaimana anda nak ubah pelajar?

Tapi…Pernah tak anda terfikir…
Anda dulu yang perlukan perubahan sebelum dapat merubah pelajar!

Jom kita bincangkan Apa sebenarnya perubahan yang perlu & wajib kita lakukan bila kita bergelar pendidik atau usahawan pendidikan.

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The Power Of Branding As Professional Tutor

Build your own brand in the field of Tuition

Tutor which has its own brand is more easily trusted and considered to have credibility.

The findings and observations show that Tutor which has a brand name in this field is more easily remembered by their clients than those without any brand.

It will be perceived as you are serious and committed in building a legacy in the field of education.

Not only that, it is easier for the client to recommend your service to others, including family, friends and relatives.

If you want to create branding make sure that there are appropriate keywords that relate to the service you offer such as Home Tuition, Private Tuition, Tuition Centre, Tuition Academy, and so clients easily can identify the service you offer.

You can also use the brand names like ‘Teacher Patel’ or ‘Tutor Aaron’ which will make you easier to be identified as a tuition teacher.

In addition, this will make it easier for prospective clients to search through Google and Facebook.

Logo is also important to reflect the business service and what you want to highlight. If you have the budget, you can hire a designer. Designers’ rates vary depending on the experience the designers have.

You can also get a great and affordable service from service providers like

This will make it faster for any creative and professional service offered.

The trick is to find the service providers that have been long in service and that have lots of positive comments.

In order to use this service you need to have a credit card or debit card and PayPal accounts.

It would be more economical if you can design yourself, even simple ones, or get your acquaintance with designing skill to design for you.

If you focus on branding and raise your image as a provider of a professional Home Tuition service, clients will be willing to pay more than if you do not have the branding. This will give the perception as if you have a company.

Tagline is also important to reflect your service. Select a tagline that reflects your services and focus to help students such as our tagline; ‘Beyond Expectation Learning’.

If you want to get a general idea for your tagline, look through the search engine Google for ‘educational tagline’. Do not copy exactly the tagline by others.

Customize it with your tuition service and the benefits you want to highlight.

With the right techniques and proper branding your target clients may also be determined.

Join Tutors and Tutorpreneurs from all over Malaysia at Simposium Tutor Profesional Malaysia.

Be Legend to build your own Legacy in education field!