Active Students At School But Still Can Succeed In UPSR



The child of Mrs. Feldatun was changed school during Year 6 and she is very active with school activities.

The best things is she can get 6A in the UPSR Trial recently which is before this she managed to get 3A’s  during mid-year examination.

What’s the secret ??

Aishah studied at home privately with a CMN Academy’s Tutor.

Mrs. Feldatun also has shared why she took this exclusive home tuition for Aishah:

1- The specific timing of Home Tuition can discipline her to focus on study

2- More focus & tutors can focus fully on Aishah.

3- Help parents who have never had or can not teach children.

Learn more about Mrs Feldatun & Aishah regarding home tuition with Cikgu Syida, home tutor of CMN Academy.

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