10 Great Tips For Your First Step As A Tutor

10 Great Tips for Your First Step as a Tutor
You don’t necessarily need to have a diploma or a degree in education to be a tutor; so how do I start?

These are the top tips for you if you just started as a tutor:

1. Start by tutoring in a subject that you like the most or fine it particularly easy. For example a subject that you have excelled at during your studies.


2. Always stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of education, such as changes in the syllabus, as sometimes education system is always changing.


3. Review the latest reference and training books on the market. These can be found in a wide variety of academic bookstores, and even local libraries.


4. When reviewing and learning for the latest study books in your area of expertise, follow the lessons in the books yourself, so it’s easier to explain.


5. Learn from friends, mentors, and coaches who are experienced in your chosen field. This is a simple way to reduce your risk of making mistakes.


6. Attend seminars, courses, and programs related to strengthening your skills.


7. Look for information on the development of education in Malaysia on the internet – such as recent syllabus changes, latest exam questions, notes, and teaching aids.


8. Liaise with teachers at school about the development of the world of education. This is to ensure that you are able to know the reality of the current education environmnet, and the experience of the students. (It may be different from our old days!)


9. Commit to networking with people who have the same passion and interest in your chosen field, in order to exchange ideas and experiences, besides the general motivatation and success that we all talk about.


10. Diversify your teaching techniques so that students enjoy learning with you. When you manage this, you also automatically build confidence and willingness to teach in varying styles. This will help your students feel encouraged and improve themselves.


However, everything depends on ourselves. To have experience, we must begin to take action! At first we may find it difficult but over time it will become easier. My own teaching experience was when I was working as a Multi National Company (MNC) company, then my friend, a full-time tutor offered me a job which he could not fulfill. I still remember the subject (History for secondary school).

With some advice and help with teaching techniques, I encouraged myself to get into tutoring. It ran smoothly and the client was also very satisfied with the outcome!

It’s actually easier to tutor when the target group is less students – leading to more personal one on one tuition time. We can focus on the advantages and disadvantages of the students themselves, and help them to overcome their particular weaknesses and eventually master the subject.

So, always think positive and renew your intentions every time you teach 😃

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